Tata indica starting problem

Originally Posted by indivic. Turns out that the rear wheel bearings were shot. Got them changed, wheels aligned and rotated. Now no more noise. Overall a big to Raghav and to you! S I am now looking to see if you will go Fluidic or not, did you make up your mind?

I missed a few days of reading on that thread. It turns out that the AC condenser fan had been hit as well and was not running at all and even the condenser had a minor impact but it is serviceable.

I was running it like this for the last 1. Originally Posted by AutoIndian. I have kept the old base plate with me.

tata indica starting problem

May be at the K service when I replace the primary filter element I would give the old plate a re-try. Originally Posted by kcj3b. Since a few weeks now i am facing the same problem while starting the car after a gap of more than 10 hrs mostly in mornings.

The Indica starts in half crank, runs for a around 1 minute and then suddendly dies. The problem is sorted by using the Pump for a quick result or Cranking again and again for atleast 5 minutes. I usually try the first option. Other alternative is to hold the engine at a higher Rev for atleast few minutes where in the engine struggles like its missing, coughs a lot of smoke but every thing gets normal then and the car runs like a breeze without missing or anything.

Although Line was checked for leaks and Diesel Filter Assembly was tightened but the problem persists. Or is it my guess is wrong may be the injectors need cleaning or something? Regards KCJ3B. Just a small update on my wiper saga. Couple of months after having overhauled the the jammed wiper linkage and wiper motor at Lucas TVS, the right hand side wiper started slipping.

Which basically translated that something was amiss with the wiper linkage. TASC diagonsis and solution: replace the entire wiper assembly, motor, linkage et all. Went back to lucas tvs, diagnosis - the welding of the pivot in the linkage may have come off. Originally Posted by cyberwhizs. The SA showed me a number of wiper motors and linkage assemblies lying around. The normal customer who solely goes by the reccomendation of TASC gets taken for a ride, like in my previous experiences detailed in a long term review.View My Garage.

Indica is a very cheap to run car with cheap spares. It sips diesel frugally and sane driving will see you getting 16kmpl in traffic with AC. It is also serviceable everywhere, and the older ones did not have ECUs, turbo-intercoolers etc.

But there is no free lunch. Indica comes with its own peculiar headaches. Most of these headaches are electrical in nature, and manifest themselves in starting problems. This short guide will help you trouble shoot the fault, and prevent service centers from taking you for a ride, or unnecessarily making you buy a new battery.

You need some technical knowledge to use this guide, and if you can log on to TBHP and make a post, that much knowledge is sufficient. You also need a digital multimeter, which costs Rs.

tata indica starting problem

Also note, all this is written from the point of view of a diesel indica, though many things are common to petrol too. If you are wondering, why am I writing this, and how accurate is this info. Well here is the answer. I own a indica which has done 80K till now, and has had almost all electrical problems that can be had with this car. Infact I consider myself an expert now. You can read my reviews for detailed info. For example earlier it took me weeks to diagnose the problem, now it takes less than a few minutes.

Indica Vista - list of Known problems

As for the why of this article, I see so many threads about "My indica has starting problem". So to help such tormented souls, this article is here.

Please note that this article also stands for many other low tech diesels, without the wizardry or luxury of attaching a computer to tell you whats wrong.

So lets now start with the details. First step is how to start an indica. Put key into ignition, turn to on, an anaconda shaped light in lower right corner of console glows. Its orange in color, and stays on for around 5 seconds 2.Tata Indica - List of problems. Hi All, Thanks all for providing a forum to know our cars better!!

I have been using a Tata Indica for over 5 years and the car has clocked KM. Recently I have been observing a few issues listed below. Any insight on how to get the issues resolved will be of great help. Unfortunately TASC is of no help they can't even clean the cars, forget repairning them. Please let me know if these are normal issues. I don't want to loose my car!! Please also let me know if you are aware of any good mechanic in Pune who can fix these!!

Regards, Ferrari View My Garage. All these are normal probelms: Get the catalytic converter cleaned and air filter cleaned. We had good amount of dicscussion on the Indica User group on Hot Start in Indica problem: refer to following threads: Yahoo!

Groups Yahoo! You will probably need 1. New starter motor. Go to Lucas TVS guys. Before replacement ask them to check if the starter motor is okay. The starter motor on the indica lasts max 70K kms in most cases. Anything beyond is a bonus 2.

Cat con cleaning and air filter cleaning will take care of black smoke.

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Did you get the intake manifold cleaned? In dusty conditions you need to clean it every 10K kms. A visual inspection of the hose after the filter will tell you if your intake manifold is dirty.

You mean your engine revs rise without increase in speed? If thats the case you have a clutch slippage problem. New clutch plates are needed. Do you have any burning smell coming on steep slopes? I am also facing starting problem with my Indica.View My Garage. Indica Vista - list of Known problems. Noises from suspension 6 Poor AC performance fixed with firmware update - for details see page 17 7 Recurring Power window switch failure Vista owners, please contribute. Last edited by Rehaan : 10th December at Reason: Updated as per request.

It takes ages to read the first song when a MP3 cd is inserted. Originally Posted by kailashnj. Originally Posted by greenhorn. PS : how have you organized the mp3's? Has anyone had problems with the door handlesfuse box cover etc falling off? One of the cars i saw at the dealership here had trim falling off from all kinds of places. The plastic is really flimsy, even worse than in the V2.

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Last edited by adityamunshi : 23rd February at Kailash- You mean to say we have to stay with OE clarion otherwise warranty will be void? If this is true then thats very absurd. But one hell of a Value for money car at that price can't complain about it.

Blank name copy and paste amino

The ac for vista is not so particulary effective during the day time. The AC for the older version V2 was lot more better and also the flow direction of the AC vents leave lot to be desired.

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They have only asked me to stay with clarion or else the warranty would be lost. I actually wanted to change the clarion to the anniversary blaupkunt model but was categorically advised not to change anything. Hence I am now stuck with clarion. Will not want to forgo the warranty for little more better sound. Last edited by kailashnj : 24th February at Screeching sound when breaks are applied.

More in the morning. Hi, Today while cleaning the car, I came across rust on the disc brakes of the car. Has anyone of you ever seen this on your new car.

Proudly powered by E2E Networks. User Name. Remember Me? New Topics. Mark Forums Read. Page 1 of Thread Tools. Noises from suspension 6 Poor AC performance fixed with firmware update - for details see page 17 7 Recurring Power window switch failure Vista owners, please contribute Last edited by Rehaan : 10th December at When we turn the steering wheel full, hydraulic motor makes noise.

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Quote: Originally Posted by kailashnj - CD reading issues. Quote: Originally Posted by greenhorn a lot of OE stereos have that problem. Kailash Last edited by kailashnj : 24th February at The engine cranks but the car doesn't start. After trying a few times it slows and the car has to be pushed.

I read your thread about indica starting problems. I have a pio and it switches off when i start the car. Does this mean anything? View My Garage. The engine is cranking at normal speed but the car is not starting.

This means the starter is okay, but somehow engine is not starting when car is warm. Could you give more details. Does your car automatically switch off when warm?

If no, then the only culprit could be solenoid valve. Does this happen always or sometimes? The car does not switch off when warm.


And the problem is occasional. Most of the times the car runs fine but once in a while few times a week it has to be pushed. Originally Posted by tsk This appears to be solenoid valve. Your car has an ECU.

The tata workshop people can connect diagnostics and find out whats wrong. I had got the Wheel Hubs Greased and Wheel Balanced around KM back, but shortly I noticed a rumbling sound coming from the rear- left passenger side. It comes on bad roads or uneven roads, Got the suspension checked, its fine- What could it be, Since the mech cannot identify the cause. As a preventive measure, I had them grease the Rear Shocker Arms, Grease and tighten the Under body bolts, But still the noise remains.

What I suspect is that it may have something to do with the Drum or Bearings on this side, but since they were checked and greased at 25, KM-I'm unsure.

Tata Indica start kaise kare

Originally Posted by wolfinstein. I can hear the noise on low speeds, specially since I drive back late and roads are quite. It specifically comes from the Left rear side. Also I was pertuped by the constant squeeking and rattles every now and then from the rear, Got it checked- Turns out the parcel tray and rear tail lamps were the culprits- got them adjusted, noise gone except for this Rumble. Drove another KM in this week, the noise is there. Will be visiting the workshop tommorow and check the rear wheel bearing.

Would it be possible for a wheel bearing to wear out immediately from the time of re-greasing the Hub.It was the first passenger car from Tata Motors and it is also considered to have been India's first indigenously developed passenger car. The models were also exported to European and African countries from late The car was discontinued in April On 30 DecemberTata Motors previously called Telco introduced the most modern car ever to be designed by an Indian company: [ citation needed ] the Indica.

Initially introduced with the caption "More car per car," the ad campaign focused on roomy interiors and affordability. Within a week of its unveiling inthe company receivedorders. Partly designed and developed by Tata Motors, it was a five-door compact hatchback with a 1. This was a homegrown engine derived from the engine used by Tata in their line of pick-ups and SUVs earlier, but with a shortened stroke.

The original engine was designated as DL which stood for four-cylinder and mm stroke. The Indica offered options such as air conditioning and electric windows, which were previously restricted to upmarket imported cars in India. This vehicle ceased production in April when Rover went bankrupt, and did not resume production when Rover's new Chinese owner Nanjing Automobile launched its own versions of the Rover range in The outer body styling was designed by the Italian design house I.

A Instituteunder contract from Tata Motors, in close collaboration interaction with Tata's in-house design team.

tata indica starting problem

The engine, however, was indigenous. When first launched, the Indica prompted many complaints from early purchasers, who claimed that the vehicle did not deliver horsepower and gas mileage as promised. Later, it was again updated, now marketed as the "Refreshingly New Indica V2". Since the V1 and V2, which were visually identical, Tata had applied styling updates to the Indica in[9] [10] and [11].

Originally offered with 1. It features 16 valves, double overhead camshaftsa variable geometry turbochargerand an intercooler.

A compressed natural gas CNG was launched in With the new system, Tata aims to improve gas delivery and performance.

Tata indigo won't start remote problem

The diesel versions, however, have little or no competition since few diesel cars exist in the Indica's price bracket. The slightly higher-than-average net weight makes for a slightly more comfortable ride compared to lighter cars. Fit and finish continue be criticised compared to offerings from Fiat and Maruti. During India's Auto Expo in New Delhi, Tata unveiled the Indica Silhouette concept car, a radical, high-performance Indica featuring rear-wheel driveextensive bodywork, and a 3. The Silhouette is currently only a concept vehicle, and is completely different from the standard Indica.

The Indica Vista is not a facelift of the Indica. It is built on a completely new platform and shares nothing with the existing Indica.

The Indica Vista has two new Fiat engines, [21] a 1. The 1. The Vista 1. Tata Motors India has increased the engine line-up of Vista, an all new variant christened as Quadrajet 90 has been introduced.In the last 2 weeksin morningI am facing starting problem. A few times, it did not start around 8 ambut once kept outside in sun, then starts around 12 PM once car is hot all over and then fine all day.

Secondly, in the morning even if it startsit sputters and stopsin next try it starts OK. Took it to garage, and got below checked: - all glow plugs OK, changed in July only - Battery ok, just 2 years old. Pls suggest. Last edited by Amazing : 5th March at Reason: spell check. Originally Posted by Amazing.

If the glow plugs are OK then check for the Filter Assembly. The filter assembly has 2 non return valves if damaged then it is unable to maintain the fuel level in the FIP as the pump is slightly above the filter. Regards Samir. Thanks Samir. So, just to be clear, I dont need to change the Fuel Filter [ changed in servicing just in Dec ]but a separate Filter Plate. Or should I change both?

my tata indica lsi 2006 won't start immobilizer seems not to work

Just for my knowledge, how much cost does a FIP calibraton takes? Is it OK to do in garage or auth Tata service Centresince its a critical part? Filter Plate can be changed in the local garageright and it is simple job I presume?

I will do this first and then proceed accordingly. I have a query with respect to the fuel pump. My friend has an Indica modelwith kilometres on the oDo. Since I do not own any car at the moment, I have sourced this friend's Indica for 3 days for a kilometre family trip. Yesterday, we took the car on a drive.

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